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Release Procedure

0. Pre-announce on omegat-dev-tech mailing list

Especially if there is new translatable material, give the L10N team some lead time to update translations.

1. Test

Ensure that ./gradlew check completes successfully.

2. Decide release version

See /docs_devel/README.txt for details about versioning scheme.

3. Update files with release version

  • /src/org/omegat/
  • /release/changes.txt
  • Version header (including date!)
  • "[current] vs [previous]" line

4. Update manuals

Run the following, then commit any changes:

./gradlew updateManuals

5. Tag release revision

git tag vX.Y.Z
git push origin vX.Y.Z

6. Update bundled JREs

See if an update is available for the bundled JREs, and update jre-prep-ci if necessary.

Make sure the JRE Prep build on Azure is caught up before proceeding.

7. Run build job on Azure DevOps

  1. Go to OmegaT Builds
  2. Queue a Release Build, specifying for Branch the tag created earlier, e.g. refs/tags/vX.Y.Z.

After building, the distfiles will be deployed automatically to the SourceForge "Files" area.

This will publish all distfiles except for Signed Mac and WebStart.

8. Build notarized Mac distfile locally, publish

First make sure the local JRE is up to date.

Sign and submit binary to Apple:

./gradlew macNotarize

When the confirmation email arrives, do:

./gradlew macStapledNotarizedDistZip

Publish to SourceForge Files.

9. Set default downloads

Only if a Standard release:

  1. Go to SourceForge Files
  2. Navigate to the directory for this release
  3. For each platform: click the ⓘ button on the representative download for the platform
  4. Select the radio button for the platform under the Default Download For label
  5. Click Save

10. Publish the manual and Javadoc

./gradlew publishManual publishJavadoc

11. Publish to Maven Central

./gradlew publish

Then log onto Sonatype Nexus and publish the release.

12. Announce to News, user group

13. Cleanup

  • Bump version in, changes.txt
  • Set fixed bug tickets and implemented RFEs to closed-fixed
  • Update ticket milestones if necessary

Note: Don't "clean up" old releases by moving them out of the way. It's important that distfile URLs remain stable.

14. Push new version for version check

If no catastrophic problems are reported with the new version, once the website has been updated, bump the version check master file:

./gradlew publishVersion

Consider opening a ticket on the website to coordinate timing.