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Core methods

There are OmegaT standard API that provide a way to get current project, current GUI window, and internal services defined in org.omegat.core.Core class.

Getter of core objects

There are very basic static methods to get core objects. You can call it anywhere from OmegaT components and 3rd party plugins.

Get project specific properties

Method Return Type Description
getProject IProject Current project instance

Component registrations

Plugins can be registered themselves through registration API.

Method Accepted type Description
registerFilterClass IFilter class register filter component
registerMachineTranslationClass IMachineTranslation class register MT connector
registerMarkerClass IMarker class
registerTokenizerClass ITokeninzer class

Get GUI instances

Many accessor returns GUI pane/window instance. There is some inconsistency such as MachineTranslatePane does not return something like IMachineTranslates.

Method Return Type Description
getEditor IEditor Get editor instance
getMainWindow IMainWindow Get main window instance
getTagValidation ITagValidation Get tag validation component
getIssues IIssues Get issues window instance
getMatcher IMatcher Get fuzzy match component
getSpellChecker ISpellChecker Get spell checker component
getFilterMaster FilterMaster Get FilterMaster instance
getMachineTranslatePane MachineTranslateTextArea Get MT GUI pane
getAutoSave IAutoSave
getGlossary IGlossaries Get Glossary GUI pane
getNotes INotes Get Notes GUI pane
getComments IComments Get Comments GUI pane
getDictionaries IDictionaries Get Dictionaries GUI pane

Get internal processing components

Method Return Type Description
getSegmenter Segmenter Get segmenter instance
getMarkers List Get marker instances

Core methods to start new application and project

These core methods are called from Main class.

Method Description
initializeConsole Start console mode
initializeGUI Start GUI mode

FilterMaster methods

There is FilterMaster class that provide a way to invoke translater using corresponding filter type. You can get FilterMaster instance using Core.getFilterMaster() static method.

FilterMaster has a following methods;

Method Return Type Description
getConfig Filters Get ~/.omegat/filters.xml configuration
getFilterInstance IFilter Get filter instance of specified class name
translateFile void OmegaT core calls this method to translate a source file
alignFile void
setOptions void Set options for a specified filter

You may want to use Core.getFilterMaster().getConfig() to get filters.xml configuration.

Filters.xml general configuration

These configurations are used in filters3.xml Abstract XML filters and HTML filter.

Method Property path Description
isRemoveTags filters.removeTags Whether remove tags from source text
isRemoveNonseg filters.removeNonseg
isPreserveSpaces filters.preserveSpaces
isIgnoreFileContext filters.ignoreFileContext

Filter configuration

When your filter need to have options, you can use getOption accessor through AbstractOptions class. See org.omegat.filters2.html2.HTMLOptions to know how to store options.

Method Property path Description
isEnabled filters->filter.enabled Whether the specified filter is enabled or not
getFiles filters->filter->files Get target "files" properties, file name pattern and extension
getOption filters->filter.(name) Get filter's arbitrary option list, form of listOf(name=value)