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Contributing to OmegaT development

Main development is performed in the master branch of the SourceForge-hosted Git repository:

If you would like to submit a patch, the recommended procedure is as follows:

  1. Consider opening a discussion on the developers' list first:

  2. Open a ticket for your change.

  3. If it's a bug fix, create a Bug ticket:

  4. If it's a new feature or enhancement, open a Request For Enhancement (RFE):

  5. We don't use GitHub issues. Please don't use it!

  6. If you prefer to work with file-based patches, attach your patch to the ticket. If you prefer to work with pull requests, fork the OmegaT project on GitHub and open a pull request.

  7. Patches/PRs will be reviewed by a core developer. If accepted, the changes will be committed to master by the reviewer or an integration manager.